CA Smith/ Mayor McCa/ Mr. Smith/ Play-Set Sound


Added on by Christian Smith.
as CA Smith 

2013- Life Of A Building Downtown (TBA)

2012-  Someone You Love (We Are Busy Bodies/ Throwing Hands)

2012- Time/ Judge Judy [single] (Records Records Records)

as Mayor McCa 

2007- Cue Are Es Tea You (We Are Busy Bodies/ Lime Records)

2007- Hair Farmer/ One Of These Days [single] (Lime Records)

2005- Dues and Dos [Demo-lition 2] (indie)

2003- El Limb Men Oh Pee (McCaland Recoryngs/ Side Salad Records)

2001- Me Is He (Sonic Unyon) 

1999- Welcome To McCaland (Sonic Unyon)

1997- Busboy (Sonic Unyon)

1996- Demo-lition (Jef Records)

with Gorp 

1995- Shapes And Colours Game (Sonic Unyon)

1994- Gargosmell's New Toy (Sonic Unyon)