CA Smith/ Mayor McCa/ Mr. Smith/ Play-Set Sound


Added on by Christian Smith.

CA Smith could be one of the world’s most under-rated songwriters.  He has been the subject of books and films. He had two tribute shows performed in his honour. When he realized his beloved one-man band, “Mayor McCa” had simply distracted audience from his truly heart-wrenching, honest and simple songs he hung up his bass drum for good.

 “Someone You Love”, Smith’s debut album was released in 2012. After a tour across Europe and North America, sharing the stage with Cate LeBon, Lucy Rose, Jeremy Fisher and many others, he quickly regrouped and recorded his new album.

“Life Of A Building Downtown” was written and recorded in Sheffield with Glover and Charles Watson. It hosts impressive cast of characters that include members of Slow Club, Sweet Baboo, The Laura Marling Band, Hoodlums and The Monroe Transfer. This album tackles heavy subjects like God, urban regeneration, aging and death to name a few. It is once again a testament to Smith’s consistently maturing songwriting.

CA Smith has once again gone back in the studio to start the follow up before he hits the road in support of his new album. Those who are wise enough to listen are certain the legend he has built continues to grow.